What To Look For When Shopping For Outdoor Rugs Online

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outdoor rug for garden

Rug gives charismatic look to your home or work space.These rugs or carpet comes with many option of colors,patterns,sizes,material for eye centric look.In the pleasant weather and in a cool breeze don’t you like to sit out of the house in garden or balcony to relax your mind and body?

When you are choosing a rug for home do not miss your garden area for the carpet flooring.Outdoor Rugs or Carpets are the best tool to enhance the style of garden area  which does not only beautify your home decor, gives extra warmth to backyard and coziness to the space where it is used. Whether you’ve got a porch, patio, or balcony, the right outdoor rug can help transform your space into an allure outdoor for lounging and entertaining. ”The perfect cozy space heals your body and soul “ – Do you think just like me?

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Benefits Of Outdoor Rugs

  • Cover the damaged parts of garden area
  • Gives the cozy look to patio as well as to balcony.
  •  Protect the floor from heavy foot traffic.
  •  Make comfartable walking for barefoot guest in house.
  •  Decor up the area with modern stylish look.
  •  Easy to clean.

After getting familiar with the benefits of outdoor rug. Are you thinking of buying an  outdoor rug to revamp your patio or balcony ?

Now it’s the time when you should know what to look for when shopping for outdoor rugs online.

Choose the Right Size of Rug for Your Space

When choosing an outdoor rug for your patio or balcony it is very important to know which size outdoor rug you need to cover the area.Outdoor rugs are a diverting way to extend your indoor living space, so consider the size of the outdoor space just as you would an indoor room. Visually the patio or balcony should look balanced when the rug is in place.

Measurement for outdoor rug

You should be aware of the size of the area where you want to decorate your rug.

The most popular outdoor rug sizes are: 

  • 2’ x 3’ rugs
  • 5’ x 8’ rugs
  • 6’ x 9’ rugs
  • 8’ x 10’ rugs
  • 9’ x 12’ rugs
  • 10’ x 14’ rugs

Your Patio furniture should sit comfortably on the rug.If it is not possible then the front legs of all furniture should rest on the top of the rug.If you are thinking for an outdoor dining area, you want a large outdoor rug that will allow you to place the table and chairs entirely on the rug while leaving enough of the rug around to allow the chairs to remain on it even when pushed away from the table. An outdoor lounge area with a sofa, table and an outdoor patio recliner will also require a large outdoor rug.You want either the front two feet of the furniture to sit on the edge of the rug or have all the furniture on the rug to create a defined area that’s grounded by the rug. 

Try With the Perfect Shape of An Outdoor Rug

outdoor rug shape


Perfect shape of the outdoor rug makes the look hassle free.If you’re looking to create a cozy outdoor alcove with a chair and small table, a small outdoor rug or runner rug will look best so as not to overwhelm the space.Choose the right shape after knowing the size of the rug.

Well popular shapes for outdoor rugs are Rectangular , Square , Round , Oval as per your requirement.

But outdoor rugs come in all shapes and sizes which collectively go with more than one rug to enhance the beauty of your space. 

Pick the Right Color and Perfect Pattern of Rug for Your Patio Area

outdoor rug color for garden

Whether your choice is traditional, modern or transitional. Any kind of outdoor rug will go with your space. Colorful rugs add the stylish and cozy look to patio or balcony.

Outdoor rugs comes in all color combinations choose from wide variety of the outdoor rugs available. Well all shades of Blue and Green are the popular choice for outdoor rug as these shades are colors of natural elements which gives calm and soothing effect to senses and goes with any neutral furniture at your space. Black And White Rug is also good option to style your area.

Outdoor rug gives aesthetic look in every pattern whether it is Abstract , Geometric , Floral even in the plain colorful pattern.

You can customize the rug with your own choice of pattern, size and color too.

Opt the Right Material of An Outdoor Rug to Keep Interiors Clean    

outdoor rug for patio  

Don’t forget to keep in mind about the material an outdoor rug is made up of and how it will resist dirt and rain. Rugs which are a popular option for outdoor use are synthetic rugs , wool rugs and jute rugs.

  •   Synthetic materials are affordable and easy to clean and low in cost too.If you want low  cost then go with synthetic material.
  •   Wool rugs go with the cold climate area as warmth gives more comfort to the people who live in those areas.
  •   Jute Rugs are most durable and can resist in dirt and rain too. So Jute Rugs are suitable for people living in wet climates.

Try Low maintenance Outdoor Rugs to Clean Easily

outdoor rug for garden uses

When Shopping for an outdoor rug keep in mind easy cleaning options like the rug which can be cleaned vacuum cleaners are best in terms of low maintenance.

Size of a Rug suitable for your space also matters for stain resistance and weather resistance.

Pick Out the Durable Rugs for the High Traffic Zones

outdoor rug for high traffic

It’s best to always consider important aspects like colors, quality and price when searching for the perfect outdoor rug for your space.

If you look at a rug closely, you can see that the fibers on an area rug are actually tiny loops woven into the rug’s backing. These loops are known as rug piles, and rug pile height is the distance from the top surface of the loops to the backing of the rug.

A low pile rug is the best suitable for high traffic zones because these are designed to shed less.A low pile height, making it ideal for areas with high foot traffic with little space and furniture around.For extra cushioning, and to prevent these rugs from slipping, we recommend you to add a rug pad underneath.

These are the aspects which clears your doubt like what is outdoor rug, benefits of outdoor  rugs, size and color with pattern selection, shape of an outdoor rug, choosing the right material for an outdoor rug, cleaning for an outdoor rug, durable rug for high foot traffic which you need to keep in mind when you are shopping an outdoor online.

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