Things to consider when choosing a perfect custom rug

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ways of choosing custom rug by Neils Posse Rugs.

The interior of the home makes the home lively and valuable which enhances the harmony between you and your home. When you think to beautify your home you start decorating your space with sculptures, paintings, flowers, plants, and a rug and carpet. Every homeware accessory has a soul connection to connect the mind of individuals to the space whether it may be your home, office, interior, or exterior of the area you use. Rugs are also important to change the glimpse of the space with its appearance. A rug or a carpet plays a vital role in bringing the limelight to your interior. These come in many designs, colors, textures, and shapes. You can choose these rugs wherever you want to decorate them. Every single handmade carpet can be different from each other in feel and look. Each one carries a different story with it, maybe some can relate to your own thoughts. 

Sounds good !!! There comes a concept of designing your own rug by you.

A rug that is created by you, using your imagination and creativity is known as a custom rug. A carpet or a rug which is a custom rug reflects the personal style and taste of the designer. Maybe someone likes the floral rug, another one likes the geometric rugs to add geometric shapes to your atmosphere with the soft feel of the rug.

But only the imagination without the proper measurements and selection can mess the way to the perfect custom rug of your dreams. so consider the following things while choosing your custom rug – 


Choose the right place for your custom area rug

Creativity can not bind the thoughts of the person, the more creative thinking the more the ideas can be generated for a particular task. Choosing the right place can be the foremost important task as placing the right thing in the right place can improve the interior of the living area. If you create a rug that is very visible at the right place, it will beautify the place and then you will feel appreciated when someone finds that unique and attractive one in terms of design as well as feel of the texture and presentation. The rug designer can create beautiful, unique designs according to the place requirement and theme of the space which can contribute to the dazzling interior of your home. But if you are not a professional designer but a good creator you need to choose a perfect place where you want to put your perfect custom rug in your living area, it may be a floor as well as a wall. Never forget to add your personalized outdoor rugs to your patio or garden because these cozy places need a personal touch that straps you with your space.


Size of your customized rug

The next important thing is the size of the custom rug which is the foremost step because choosing the right size can improve the space interior otherwise your interior can be rumpled due to the over or under size of the rug. Keep in mind the area size and the rug size for perfect proportion. The look of your customized rug can be different in different rooms, like the same rug can give a different look in the living room and it can give a different look in your bedroom. So don’t forget the room measurements while choosing your custom-sized carpet or rug.


Design your perfect custom rug 

Be mindful while designing your custom rug as you are not a professional designer, you are a creative, enthusiastic creator with your own designs which can be anything a shape, a colorful rainbow, a scenery, a bulb, or a cloud anything that is coming through out of your mind. so select the perfect shape, size, color, and pattern for your rug. Material is also very important because proper material selection will give the proper appearance and feel of the rug. If you love to play with shapes then you can go for different shapes like a logo-shaped custom rug, it can be whatever shape in your mind like a round rug, any shaped rug, oval rug, floral rug, or panorama rug. You can opt for custom rugs with borders if you love traditional carpets. Personalized rugs show what you like so don’t bother so much and select what you love to see in your home.


Color of your custom rugs for home

Colors embellish the interior of the house instantly whenever used as a proper element. When you are choosing your perfect rug, consider the color theme of your room and the furnishing to brighten up the interior with your dream rug. Carpets can be made in any color by using differently dyed fibers.

Choosing according to the theme is the way when going to select the color. Contrast to your room color is another option, or you can go according to the same color too. It’s up to your creativity how you would use it, and will show your choice and taste preferences.  


Type of the custom rug

You can select any carpet technique for your customizable rugs like hand-tufted custom rugs, hand-knotted custom rugs, or jute rugs. Only handmade rugs or carpets are good for personalized rugs as these can take some time to make but live for more generations at your place. If you have any doubt about which type of rug you should select then check out the rug construction techniques here. These traditional techniques give a luxurious and classic look to the rugs which blend any sort of furniture and interior, where you want to add on. After all these selections you will need a professional to create your own custom rug and give wings to your dream custom rug with Neils Posse Rugs. 


Don’t forget to vacuum your rug for its longevity and maintenance for a healthy environment in your space. Clean rugs can lead to durability for longer times.


So after looking at the above characteristics now just choose whatever comes in your imagination. Design more and more dream custom rugs without any mess. 



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