Difference Between a Rug and a Carpet

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The two identical names rug and carpet seem the same but both are different. Both these are very essential in home decor. The space which has a plain bare surface floor can’t beat the space covered using rugs and carpets. Do you agree with me? When you are in a room without a rug or carpet you only see other interior and artifacts but when you spiced up the interior using a rug or carpet, you can feel the liveliness of the space. If you cover the space with a floral rug the freshness of nature comes in your mind and strike to your brain and soothes your mind, precisely with traditional rug or carpet favors for the royal ambiance.

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Most of us need clarification with these rug and carpet words. Both play a vital role in the interior and work differently for the same space. Most of the time both words are used interchangeably. Let’s get to know how both are different.


First, let’s understand the definition of a rug and a carpet.

What is a rug?

A rug is thick and heavy fabric, soft material used to cover the flooring. It does not cover the whole flooring of the space, it just covers the specific area of the floor which you want to highlight, like in the living room, under the table, or near the bed. Some of the rugs are used to decorate the wall too.

What is a Carpet?

A carpet is a thick and heavy, soft fabric used to cover the entire wall-to-wall covering of the space which you want to cover, it may be the room’s wall-to-wall covering or it may be the staircase area. 

Rug Vs carpet 

Size – The carpets are larger than the rugs

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 Since both the carpet and rug are made up of fabric used to cover flooring. We use the carpet for wall-to-wall floor covering and the rug is used to highlight the specific area of the room like a designer modern style gives a stylish look to your living room or office area. So the carpets are larger than the rugs as they cover a large area of flooring.

Pricing – Depends on size, material, quality, and production type.

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As you know carpets and rugs are used to beautify and cover the area. Pricing of a rug or carpet depends upon the size of the rug or carpet, if the size of the rug is big then the cost would be more than the smaller one. Material of the rug or carpet including the desired quality also responsible for elevating the rug or carpet’s cost. It is very important to know how the rug or carpet is made whether it is machine-made or hand-made. If hand made then hand-knotted and hand-tufted prices also differ. Hand-knotted is higher in pricing than hand-tufted rug or carpet.

Attachment – Carpets are fixed whereas rugs are movable.

 Carpets are thick clothes that are used to cover the entire room for wall-to-wall covering. These can be fixed on the floor. Rugs are more flexible compared to carpets. Due to their smaller size, rugs can be easily moved and placed in various locations where you want to decore like in a room or even different rooms altogether. This kind of flexibility of rugs allows you to experiment with different design ideas, and change the look and ambiance of your space with the rug which suits your preferences. Whereas carpets get fixed at the time of installation, do not offer the same level of portability.

Cleaning & Maintenance – Easy to clean and minimal maintenance requirement.

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Maintenance and cleaning of rug and carpet play a crucial role in the longevity and appearance of your flooring choice which is responsible for a healthy atmosphere too, the most preferable requirement in the present era. It depends upon the size as the carpet is larger than the rugs, so the rugs are easier to clean and require minimal maintenance to keep them dust free.

Now I think you are more familiar with these words. The terms carpet and rug are equivocal or have room for interpretation. So a rug can be called a carpet (and a carpet can be called a rug).This type of situation occurs when we are speaking of large-area rugs. Like a Persian rug that occupies most of the floor of your room which uncertainly could be called a carpet. Sometimes the opposite also happens when we call rug to a carpet like when a carpet is being styled as an area rug in your room. Selecting or buying a rug or a carpet depends on personal choice and need of space area, preferences. Both the carpets and rugs are used in a room or a office to create a decorative effect and can be made in a variety of patterns and colors.

 Rug vs Carpet FAQ

If after discussion you are still confused what is the difference between these two? Here come some knotty questions to assist you to find a solution between area rug vs carpet, so then you can select the perfect rug or carpet for your space to spice up the area.

  • Can you use a rug instead of a carpet?

       Yes of course, if you do not have the time and resources to maintain carpet. Rugs are easier to clean and better if you want to cover specific areas to elevate the interior.

  • Which is bigger, rug or carpet?

      Since carpet covers wall-to-wall flooring where the rug only highlights the particular space, so carpets are bigger than rugs.

  • What are the benefits of a rug?

      Rugs are easy to move from one place to another place, easy to clean, and change the ambiance of the space. So rugs are the better option for a specific portion of your home                or office.

  • What type of rug lasts the longest?

       The life of a rug depends upon its use, the type of rug, the material by which it is made up, and exposure. Handmade rugs are the better option if you want a rug for generations.               

Somehow finally you should select the rug or carpet for your flooring or decorating the space as per your requirement for your space, and lifestyle. It may be a rug or a carpet doesn’t matter, so just opt for what you want. Ultimately you are the best at selecting for your space. Also a product which you will choose, will adorn a room or a office with your empathy.


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