Custom Rug in Geometric Design

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Geometric designs are very much in vogue this year and one of fall’s upcoming interior decor trends to follow. So those of you looking to add new touches to your home, do try including this style through accessories, accents, statement pieces or upholstery.

Depending on the look you have in your home, it is possible to use any of the above options for adding that geometric touch! Most often one of the best ways to include a new trend is to try adding a fine geometric custom area rug. This ensures you can add a trend to you decor but without too much of a commitment like in the case of furniture upholstery. Whenever you decide you want a quick change, all you have to do is roll away and store the rug. No hassle of having to redo the entire room!

If you can’t find the look you have in mind for your geometric design rug, you need never worry. Neils Posse Rugs offers a custom rug design service, allowing you to create your own customized geometric design rug as well!

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