5 Ideas on Decorating with Fine Rugs

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One of the most utilized rooms in the home is often the family room, and so while you may have excellent furniture chosen to adorn this comfortable space, it is just as important for the room to have a fabulous impact. Here we share 5 ideas on how to achieve this magnificent impact by decorating with fine rugs.


  1. Focal Point: Create an impact by having a focal point for your living or family room décor. Try adding a statement area rug on the floor, or use rugs to define the space (creating separate areas). The point is to have an impactful focal point in the room and fine rugs can help you do just that!
  2. Add Variety: You can dispel with tradition and opt for two different (but complementary rugs) to add variety and interest to the living area. It doesn’t matter if the space is very large or small, area rugs come in all sizes! In fact using two different sized rugs will add even more interest. This is best done by using one larger rug as the main focal point and then accenting that with a smaller rug in an area near the main rug.
  3. Don’t Forget the Harmony: Using two different rugs doesn’t mean you forget about the need for harmony – that’s why we suggest you use complimentary rugs, to keep a beautiful theme.
  4. Play up a Wall: Up the impact quotient and use a fine silk rug as wall art! Whether you want glamour, an opulent look, or a rustic touch – a fine rug art piece makes for an excellent addition. You can choose any style, color or design based on your existing room décor. This wall art will get more attention than any painting.

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